CPRNA April 11, 2015 Minutes



PO Box 8160
Silver Spring MD 20907
Meeting #194 – April 11, 2015

Hosted by Rock Creek Area

Next CPRSC will be on June 13, 2015 at

3111 Ritchie Rd., Forestville, Md.

(Epiphany Episcopal Church) 

For More Regional Information Please Visit CPRNA.org

*ALL RSC Positions are up in August. Nominations for RSC Positions will begin in June.*

The following are currently vacant. Please notify your areas and encourage members to participate.

* Literature Vice Chair

* Vice Treasurer

* Vice Secretary

*Special Events Vice Chair


I. PRE-MEETING: 12:30 pm

II. CALL TO ORDER: 1:00 pm


IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes from the December RSC meeting were approved (8-0-0)


Battlefield (Nancy M., RCM)

Meeting location: Manassas Church of the Bretheren

Meets: 1st Sunday @ 5p

Regular Meetings: 17; H&I Meetings 3

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Public Relations, Special Events on an Ad-Hoc basis


Problems/Announcements/Report: Battlefield is an area with most of our membership either newcomers or under the age of 35. This presents a problem with filling area and group service positions. Most of the addicts with one or more years of clean time are already in service. However our members are enthusiastic about their recovery and our groups are committed to carrying the message of recovery to the newcomer.



Central Maryland (Constance, RCM)

Meeting Location: Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 6905 Greenbelt Rd. Greenbelt, MD

Meets: 1st Wed @ 7p

Regular Meetings: 38; H&I Meetings 34 in 5 facilities

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Phoneline, Literature, Policy, Public Information, Special Events, Newsletter, Outreach

Problems/Announcements/Report: Public Information is having a booth at Laurel Main Street Fair May 9th 9a-4p. Bowie Health Fair @ Allen Ponds on June 6th 11a-6p. We have donations for Region. We need Intro- Area Liaison Position open most areas. We are having a spiritual breakfast Sat May 23rd 10a – 12:30p.


District of Columbia (Bonnie, RCM)

Meeting Location: Westminster Presbyterian Church, 400 I St SW, DC

Meets: 1st Saturday @ 10:45 Admin

Regular Meetings: 63; H&I Meetings: 56 in 9 facilities

H&I, Literature, Policy, Special Events, Newsletter, Public Relations

Problems/Announcements/Report: We are in need of a Newsletter and PR Chair. We’re having difficulty getting GSRs to show up at Area Service. Our VC has been making visits to find out why.


Dulles Corridor (Brandon L., RCM absent) report given by Ken R.

Meeting Location: St Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Herndon, VA

Meets: Last Sunday @ 2-5pm except holidays (moved to the proceeding Sunday)

Regular Meetings: 27; H&I Meetings: 32 in 3 facilities

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Literature, Policy, Special Events, Public Relations, Outreach

Problems/Announcements/Report: Young area doing well.

East of the River (Mary L., RCM)


Meeting Location: St Luke’s Church, 4923 East Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC

Meets: 2nd Monday @ 8pm

Regular Meetings: 33; H&I Meetings; 86 in 12 facilities.

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Policy, Literature, Special Events, Public Relations, Outreach.

Problems/Announcements/Report: There are no problems in the area. We are making a donation to the region today. There is a new meeting in our area: “Free Indeed” in Tuesdays from 7p-8:30p at Bethel Christian Church – 2217 Minnesota Avenue SE.


Frederick (Sherrye, RCM)

Meeting Location: St John’s Catholic Church, 168 2nd St, Frederick, MD

Meets: 1st Sunday @ 3-4pm (subcommittees) & 4-5pm (business)

Regular Meetings: 27; H&I Meetings: 10

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Literature, Special Events, Public Relations.

Problem/Announcements/Report: Nothing significant to report at this time.


Montgomery (Cecil B, RCM absent) Report given by Kenneth M.

Meeting Location: Silver Spring Presbyterian Church, 580 University Blvd E, Silver Spring, MD

Meets: 1st Tuesday @ 7-8 pm

Regular Meetings: 62; H&I Meetings: 104 in 14 facilities.

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Literature, Policy, Special Events, Newsletter, Public Relations.

Problems/Announcements/Report: Verbal report given.


Norvana (Cabell P., RCM)

Meeting Location: Arlington Presbyterian Church, 3507 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA

Meets: 1st Monday @ 7pm

Regular Meetings: 48; H&I Meetings: 50 in 10 facilities

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Literature, Policy, Special Events, Newsletter, Public Relations, Outreach.

Problems/Announcements/Report: Disc Golf on April 26th 3-5pm. Bluemont Park, Disc Golf Course in Arlington, VA. PRà Phoneline training May 5th 2-5p. Arlington Presbyterian Church


Rock Creek (Marcus R. ASR, Colleen D. ASR Alt)

Meeting Location: St. Albans, 3001 Wisconsin Ave NW

Meets: 1st Thursday @ 7pm

Regular Meetings: 32; H&I Meetings: 26

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Public Relations, Policy, Special Events, Webmaster.

Problems/Announcements/Report: We are making a regional donation this month. Looking forward to Annual Spiritual Breakfast held on May 16th at 10a at Wesley United Methodist Church (5312 Connecticut Ave. NW)


South Potomac (Jamilah M., RCM) report given by Mike P.

Meeting Location: Epiphany Episcopal Church, 3111 Ritchie Rd., Forestville, Md.

Meets: 1st Saturday @ 6:00-8:00pm

Regular Meetings: 16; H&I meetings: 16 meetings in 3 facilities.

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Special Events, PR, Literature, Newsletter, Policy

Problems/Announcements/Report: Our area is having a Speaker Jam: Freedom is Not Free on April 25, 2015 at Bells United Methodist Church, 6016 Allentown Rd., Suitland, Md 20746 from 2p-9p.


Tri-County (Brian W, RCM Absent)

Meeting Location: Christ Church, 112 Charles St. LaPlata, MD

Meets: 1st Wednesday @ 6:30-8:30pm

Regular meetings: 32; H&I Meetings 27 in 6 facilities

Active Subcommittees: H&I, Literature, Policy, Special Events, Newsletter, Public Relations

Problems/Announcements/Report: Area is doing well. Tri-County Unity Retreat: River of Hope 9 (Surgery of the Spirit) September 18-20, 2015. Logo T-shirts and registration will be available at CPRCNA next week.



Chair: Reggie C.

Verbal report given.


Vice Chair: Dara P.

Verbal report given.


Secretary: Joanna V.

Greetings CPRSC,

Happy Spring! I will be “trained” by Nate on uploading the minutes to our website over the next couple of weeks. Will send out an email when they are live, however everyone on the email list will continue to receive them as usual. Ils,

Joanna V.


Treasurer: Larry M.

Hello Region:

I am submitting the following reports for your review:

  • 2014-2015 Monthly Expense Detail
  • 2014-2015 Monthly Accounting Detail

Our income for the month of February 2015 totaled $818.00. Operating expenses totaled $1,239.36. Our remaining budget for the fiscal year is $14,431.51.


As of the first of this month, April 1, 2015, our actual account balance was $19,211.89.


Reminder: Please submit receipts for checks received from region meetings. Also, our Budget meeting will be on May 16th at Wesley United Methodist Church after the Spiritual Breakfast.


All subcommittees must send a representative to the budget meeting if you want to make any changes to the subcommittee’s budget.


Larry M. |Treasurer | lmcclainel@verizon.net | (301) 785-2794


Please see attachments.


Regional Delegate & Alternate: Cheryl D. and Anthony W.

Good Afternoon C&P Region,


At the February 14, 2015 regional meeting the RDs presented the draft copy of the Autonomy Zone Mission & Vision statement. We hope all RCMs have had a chance to review the contents and decide today if the document should go back to the groups or just be voted on at the regional meeting by the RCMs instead of going back to the groups. We have attached a copy of the document to this report.


Also at the end of the February regional meeting and due to the uncertainty about the mission & vision statement presented, the RCMs tasked the RD team with researching other zones to find out what they do as a body.


We have been diligently working to pull together information concerning the creation, participation and activities of Zonal Forums as well as the Autonomy Zone, which C&P is a part of, within the NA fellowship. Through our research and the assistance of NAWS fellowship development staff we have created a package for each RCM to have and review.


We have also been actively engaged in preparing a format for the Zonal Forum Workshop, scheduled for Saturday, April 18, 2015, 11:15 am, Room 209 of the Convention Center. We hope to see participation from the RCMs of our Region as well as interested members.


Currently the autonomy zone is pretty much an information gathering session amongst the participating regions and there are no trusted service positions. The autonomy zone does wish to see how it can be more useful and helpful to our regions. No definite plans or changes have been devised. We have talked about making the autonomy zone more visible at events & conventions held by the regions in our zone.


The Autonomy Zone consists of six regions who will host during the following times:

Chesapeake and Potomac Region (Maryland, Northern, Virginia, & Washington, DC): January 31, 2015

Eastern PA Region (Pennsylvania): July 25, 2015

Free State Region (Maryland, Delaware, & Virginia): January 30, 2016

Greater Philadelphia Region (Pennsylvania): July 30, 2016

Central Atlantic Region (West Virginia, Virginia & Ohio): January 28, 2017

Mountaineer Region (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland & North Carolina): July 29, 2017

Chesapeake and Potomac Region (Maryland, Northern, Virginia, & Washington, DC): January 27, 2018


From the information gathered about zones we can summarize that there are currently a total 15 zones, 8 US zones and 7 non US zones. Of the 15 zones some have existed for over 20 years. Some zonal meetings are held as often as once a year, twice a year, every two years, and also 4 times a year. There are a couple that have trusted servant positions such as Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary and written guidelines. One zonal indicated the positions were nonfunded and one zonal indicated that the secretary may be any funded trusted servant. The European Delegates Meeting (EDM) currently seems to be the only zonal that is a legal non-profit association. Many zones use Consensus Based Decision Making (CBDM) for discussion during their meetings. Additional information about each of the zones is contained in the information packet titled “Zonal Forums Around The World.” We would also like to thank NAWS for providing information as well.


WSC Participant Discussion Board

As RDA, I have been participating in some of the WSC Discussion Board Threads, many of which centers around; | Page Seating at WSC, Traditions Workshops, gotomeeting, adobe connect and skype technology (allowing remote access to meetings), the use of electronic voting at WSC 2016, etc…. and a lot of miscellaneous idle chatter. However, in reading through the WSC threads, this posting on taking member pictures stuck out to me and I wanted to share what Tennessee RSC has read during NA events:


Photos, Videos, and Social Media –We recognize that it is a common practice for members to take photos and videos at NA events and post them on social networks. We do not believe this to be in conflict with our traditions so long as they are for the enjoyment of members and are not made available to the general public. Please be considerate of our guiding principles and the anonymity of others as you share your photos and videos from this NA event. If you plan to post recognizable photos of individuals on social networks, please ask permission of the individuals before doing so. For more information, please see the service pamphlet Social Media and Our Guiding Principles.


CPRCNA Convention Procedures Workgroup

As always, with the exception of inclement weather and/or the Convention, the procedures workgroup meets every third (3rd) Saturday from 1:00 – 4:00 pm at Wesley United Methodist Church, 5312 Connecticut Avenue, NW in the Church Library. Presently the group consists of Board President, Regional Policy chair and Policy Vice Chair, DC ASC RCM and myself. We have met and are moving through the procedures manual to create a condensed and cohesive document as it has not been reviewed and/or revised since 2009. There are a number of areas within the manual being addressed due to current best practices within the Convention Board of Directors and RSC, i.e., the Standardize Budget, the Accounting Software used, to name a few. We are inviting interested parties with previous convention service experience participate in this process.



We have also provided the Introduction page from the Guide to World Services in NA 2014-2016 listing the dates for the upcoming conference cycle, 2014-2016 with various things such as WCNA 36 in Brazil, World Unity Day 2015, Regional Motion deadline date, CAR & CAT availability date, WSC 2016, etc. (see attached document).


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be of service. We sincerely hope we will be able to serve the Region well.

In loving service,


Cheryl D., RD mailto:cdunn667@yahoo.com 202.812.4171

Anthony W., RDA mailto:alwhite824@gmail.com (703) 606-4017


Please see attached supporting documents.



CPRCNA XXIX Host Chair: Ed B.

We are putting the final touches on preparations for the convention. All of the chairs have been working hard for the last year and a half. Here is some insight about some of the new things that will be going on at the convention.


We will be the first to have the opportunity to use the new Performing Arts Center or PAC as its called. This is how it will be listed in the Programs. In the new PAC center we will have a comedy show with 3 comedians including Teddy Carpenter on Friday night. On Saturday morning we have the Jazz brunch that has already sold out. Saturday we have Gold, Zumba, Line Dancing and of course the Free Friday Night Dance. Also on Saturday night we will have Karaoke, the Ice Cream social and two great bands, Subtle Thoughts and EU. The Program committee has selected great speakers and will have a Midday Main Speaker in the PAC center on Saturday. The PAC will also be used for the overflow room during the Saturday main speaker.


The registration subcommittee will also have something new. There will be QR barcode on signs around the convention that will provide access to the programs online so if you lose your program or just don’t want to carry it you can access it on your smart phone. For the children that register they will receive gift bags. We have added another cash register in hopes to keep the lines moving faster. As of yesterday at 10pm, we’ve sold over 2,682 registrations. Pre-registration closed last night and Host XXX is in place and will be selling early registration on Saturday night starting at 10p and Sunday morning.


This truck is being packed with the banners and shadow boxes as we speak. The stuffing party will take place tomorrow at 5420 Ballenger Creek Parkway in Frederick from 10a to 5p, and you are all invited. According to the weatherman it’s going to be a picture perfect weekend at the beach. Five days and a couple of hours until we meet for CPRCNA XXIX, Miracles Beyond Measure. Please take the opportunity to thank any volunteer and Host member you see at the convention for their service. The entire Host committee thanks you for giving the Frederick Area chance to serve the Chesapeake and Potomac Region of Narcotics Anonymous.



Ed B


CPRCNA XXIX Host 1st Vice Chair (Jane S., Absent)

Nothing to Report.


CPRCNA XXIX Host 2nd Vice Chair (William, Present)

Nothing to Report.


CPRCNA XXX Host Chair (Mike P., Present)

Hello everyone,


All Host and subcommittees Chair positions are filled and we are up and running. All subcommittees are on their timelines. They have secured meeting places and most of them have elected officers for their subcommittees. All subcommittees have created recruitment flyers. Convention Information has created a Mini- scroll that we will take to OC. Arts and Graphics has created a Logo Flyer that we have brought here today with copies of all subcommittee flyers for distribution to all the Areas.


The Program Committee had its first meeting on March 11, 2015. There were five members in attendance. No Positions were filled because we are waiting for the other Areas to send their Program representative to the subcommittee. So, please have your Area send its Program representative ASAP, if it has not already done so. We are still in need of members from all the Areas to join and support these subcommittees.


We are starting Pre-Registration on Saturday night (April 18th) at 10:00 pm to 12:00 am and it will continue on Sunday morning (April 19th) from 9:00 am to 12 noon. The agreed upon cost will be $15.00. The Host committee wanted to do something special for our commemorative 30th Anniversary of the CPRCNA.


We plan on attending the Stuffing Party on 4-12-15 and a lot of our members are going to OC on Thursday to assist CPRCNA 29 with setting up.



Mike P.


CPRNA BOD President: Paul E.


BOD Presidents Report to the CPRSC April 11th, 2015

Since the last Regional meeting I have attended the Host Procedures review meeting on March 21st, the Host 29 on February 15th, March 8th, and March 22nd, the BOD meeting on February 28th,March 14th,and March 28th, and the walk thru on March 4th.

At the February 28 BOD we approved Security contracts with expanded hours for the unarmed to help clear the Convention Center at closing time, an additional $200 coffee catering expense, and rent for risers for the Jazz Brunch. At the March 14th BOD we reviewed and approved the program, the program printing estimate, and a children’s face painter contract. At the March 28 BOD we approved Insurance contracts for crime, equipment riders, and commercial liability. We approved speaker airfare for a PR workshop, a $15 pre-registration price and form for Host 30, and some housekeeping money transfers to pay the Host 29 expenses through Friday of the Convention weekend, and a Monday fund transfer to cover checks written during the Convention. There was a motion at the BOD to send half of the excess funds in the BOD Reserves account (about $66K) to NAWS Inc. The motion came to a 6-6 vote and I declined to break the tie and am instead reporting this action to the Region. There is an ad-hoc committee on alternate ways of dispersing funds within the region who have given verbal reports but indicated they are waiting on input, there is supposed to be a telephone conference. I have the bank statements available today for the last three months.


Thank you for letting me serve, Paul E.


CPRC Inc., BOD Vice President: Darla S. (Absent)


CPRC Inc., BOD At-Large Rep 1: Deanie B. (Present, Nothing to Add)

Nothing to Report.


CPRC Inc., BOD At-Large Rep 2: Vacant


H&I Chair: Paul C.

7 Areas in attendance today: Central Md, DC Area, East of the River, Norvana, Rock Creek, TriCounty. Vice Chair Dara P graced us with her presence. Rough count: 272 meetings in 50 facilities.

Area Discussions included: disruptive behavior in facilities by clients; how to handle an individual that has shown questionable judgment in the past.

H&I Workshop at CPRCNA XXIX on Friday from 4:30-5:30pm. Freedom through H&I panel presentation. Regional H&I Learning Day hosted by East of the River (possibly assist by DC Area) date TBD, sometime in July will coordinate with Regional calendar.

Regional H&I banner purchased for use at convention, learning days and other events.

Motion made by Norvana, seconded by Rock Creek to consider meeting lists as literature for budget purposes.


H&I V-Chair: Chris T. (Present, Nothing to add.)


Literature Chair: Eloise C.

We meet as scheduled for our first Literature Workshop on January 17, 2015 at St. Martin’s Catholic Church 1908 North Capitol Street NW, after our Public Relations Phoneline Workshop.
Washington, DC 20002 to discuss and review the Tradition One Draft, as we read the document, we saw a lot of grammatical errors run on sentence structures, and several important ideas placed in colons, that maybe should not have been.


I provided the address of the World Board “www.na.org/traditions “for all members who provided their email addresses to send their corrections onward.

I have emailed all our current RCM’s and Alt RCM’s to find a location centrally located for an opportunity to review the remaining traditions, with only one responses from South Potomac Area and after some discussion, it was decided that South Potomac is as closed to the District of Columbia and would not attract addicts from our further Area’s.
I step into the Zonal Forum Workshop scheduled Jan 30, 2015, it was very interesting and full of a lot of information.

I had my first opportunity to attend MARLCNA, I really picked up some great information, to assist the Regional Literature Subcommittee in moving forward with our remaining review of Tradition seven through twelve. As they informed us that the board has received a lot of data for Tradition two through six.


In Loving Service,

Eloise C.


Literature V-Chair (Vacant)


PR Chair: Mitch P. (Present)

Attendees: Mitch, Earl, Kevin S., Danielle T., Frank G., Frenise L., Jan H.


Chair Report: Mitch: Convention Speakers have been found, Jose Louis A. from Puerto Rico, Craig R. from North Carolina and Dan S. from our region. 5 scenarios for the Convention PR workshop have been put together for training purposes.

Mitch and Earl attended the annual Montgomery College Health and Wellness Fair with a booth.

Attended a recovery event held by Kolmac Clinic

Montgomery area is in need of  Chair.

Suggestion that next year we begin CPRCNA planning earlier


Vice Chair- Earl:  Earl is scheduling and planning the PR booth for CPRCNA and received literature from Free State to put out.


Frank G- NORVANA area: Would like to do more work with colleges in his area, will reach out to Danielle T. for help, getting Webmaster training, as a subcommittee of 1, Frank is having a hard time bringing presentations to public


Kevin S- Central MD Area- There are currently 8 facilities getting PR materials and meeting lists in Central MD.

Attending Bouy Medical Center Fair in May

Governor Hogan’s Task Force on Opioid Overdoses: thinks this is an opportunity for NA PR to get involved and has a connection to the task force, will pursue further


Danielle T- Rock Creek- Rock Creek still needs a PR Chair


On Posters:

Kevin S. says Central MD area doesn’t want to hang our posters with the “distressed woman.” Discussion of needing a better drawing or design for future poster printings. Regional-wide contest?


NORVANA will be hosting the May 9th PR Training Workshop (changed from May 2). 2-5 om, Arlington Presbyterian Church off of Columbia Pike. Flyer is on the website.

Discussion on the cost of the workshop: Money needed for food, rent, and materials: estimated cost $150.00



Frank has printed some stats. We are experiencing about the same number of missed calls as last year BUT we are receiving a higher volume of calls, meaning we are answering a higher rate of incoming calls.

The issue identified is that Phoneline does not have enough volunteers to handle the volume of calls.

We tested the amount of time the call took to route to an answer…


Discussion of shortening the automated message.

Patricia R. has requested to be added back to the call list.

Discussion of our hold feature- Press any key to go straight to Voice mail…some debate about whether or not this was a good thing. Inconclusive- issue tabled.


Encourage our phoneline volunteers to have more realistic time slots may also help with the missed call issue


Meeting List Discussion:


Change must come from Area chairs or individuals? Some debate on this.

Anyone can request a change ans CC the area chair is a good solution. Discussion inconclusive


Sync with NAWS- someone will reach out to Josh W. to get information about how the meeting list synced with NAWS meeting list a few years ago.


Jan H.- H&I needs more meeting lists- Group decided it is H&I’s responsibility to request more and let us know what we should be printing or request it directly from their Area.


Budget Conversation

– Potentially increasing number of meeting lists printed

– Need to have a final budget by June


Webmaster- Not present at meeting

– Frank G. receiving some Webmaster training

– Frank has identified 2 programmers in NORVANA. We need someone who knows PHP programming experience


Brainstorming future activities:

Public Service Announcement Contest Idea- Region-wide, Have people submit YouTube Videos?

-Letter writing campaign for community outreach to lawyers, judges, police, schools etc.

PR Vice Chair: Earl J. (Present)
Policy Chair: Leah H.

We had a small meeting with 1 area policy chair in attendance (Tri-County). We discussed some issues they are having, we would like the same budget. Thanks for letting me serve, Leah H.

Policy Vice Chair: Valencia (Absent)


Special Events Chair: Vacant


Special Events Vice Chair: Vacant


Free State Rep SO Rep. 1: Nathan (Absent)


Free State Rep SO Rep 2: Kenneth M

Verbal Report Given.


CPRCNA Program Committee At-Large Rep: Erin R.

Verbal Report Given.





Area/Position April 15 February 15 December 14 October 14 August 14 June 14
Battlefield P P A P P
Central Maryland P P P A PP P
Dulles Corridor E P P P P
East of the River P P P P P
Frederick E P P P A P
Montgomery P A P P P P
Norvana P P P A P P
Rock Creek P P P P P P
South Potomac P P P P P P
Tri-County P P P P P P
Chair P P P P P P
Vice Chair P P P P P P
Secretary P P P P V V
Vice Secretary V V V V V V
Treasurer P P P V P A
Vice Treasurer V V V V V V
RD (Regional Delegate) P P P A P P
RD Alternate P P P P P P
CPRC Inc BOD President P P P P P P
CPRC Inc BOD Vice President A P A P P P
CPRC Inc BOD At-Large Rep 1 P P P P P P
CPRC Inc BOD At-Large Rep 2 P V A P A P
CPRCNA XXIX Host 1st Vice Chair P P V V P A
CPRCNA XXIX Host 2nd Vice Chair P P P P P P
H&I Chair P V V V V P
H&I Vice Chair P V V V V V
Literature Chair P P P P V V
Literature Vice Chair V V V V V V
PR Chair P A P P P P
PR Vice Chair P P P P P P
Policy Chair P P P P V V
Policy Vice Chair A A P A V V
Special Events Chair V A E A P A
Special Events Vice Chair V A A A V V
CPRCNA XXIX Program Committee At-Large Rep P P P A P P

P = Present; A = Absent; L = Late; E = Left early; N = Attendance not received/not noted; * = Proxy; V = Vacant position


X.             OLD BUSINESS


XI.           ELECTIONS


            Position                                                               Nominee                                                     Disposition

Vice Secretary                                                         No Nomination

Vice Treasurer                                                         No Nomination

Literature Vice Chair                                                No Nomination

Special Events Chair                                               No Nomination

Special Events Vice Chair                                         No Nomination

CPRCNA XXX Program Rep.                                         Erin R. (9)                                                             (8-0-0)

BOD At Large Rep 2                                              No Nomination




Motion 1: Submitted by Rock Creek, Seconded by Central Md.

To send convention proceeds, presently in the Board Reserve Account as of April 2015 to NAWS, Inc. retaining whatever amount is necessary to ensure all regular fees and expenses are met.


Intent: To avoid leaving excessive money in Board Reserve Account and instead use our money to carry the message to the addict worldwide.


Pros:   1. “We shouldn’t have money to sit on.”

  1. “In the past the Board would have given this money to the Region and the Region would have sent it                  on.”
  2. “Board should take our suggestion.”


Cons:   1. “Current AdHoc committee regarding this makes this out of order.”


Disposition: Sent Back to Groups. To be voted on at next RSC.


Motion 2: Submitted by East of the River, Seconded by DC Area.

To approve the mission and vision statement for the Autonomy Zone at CPRSC meeting.


Intent: To establish a direction for the Autonomy Zone. To develop activities to further support of our primary purpose.


Disposition: Motion Passes 5-0-3



All business being concluded, the April 11th, 2015, meeting of the Chesapeake & Potomac Regional Service Committee was adjourned at approximately 3:45pm.


NOTE: Please remember that, per policy, the RSC meeting is scheduled to end at 6:00pm; therefore, any place secured for the meeting should be scheduled accordingly & noted in the flyer.